Share the English Language

Shared and influenced by many different cultures, English is a language that belongs to everyone. For each English native speaker in the world, an estimated three or four use English daily as a second language. We believe that the most natural and effective way of acquiring a language is through communication, that is sharing information. As well as understanding this, those involved in the task of teaching the English language should be willing and able to share subject matter and experiences through the language.


  • The Past Perfect

    The Past Perfect is used to refer to events occurring prior to a point in the past

  • The Past Simple

    The Past Simple is used to tell a story

  • The Present Perfect

    The Present Perfect is a present tense

  • The Present Continuous

    The Present Continuous can be used to describe current events

  • Going to

    Going to is used to describe the consequences of present trends

  • Will

    Will can be used to make predictions about the future